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RE and RSHE-overview of possible links

Staff Training Unconscious Bias and relationships education

Ofsted toolkits

LTLRE RE Ofsted secondary toolkit

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Lockdown lesson materials

Ask pupils to look at how religious people are practising their religions differently during the C19 pandemic. What does this tell us about the importance of different aspects of their faith and beliefs?

Ramadan Lockdown

Ramadan Lockdown

Will Hajj happen this year



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Great LTLRE hub leader training looking at bias and the importance of referring to context @KatieKates_84 shared this little gem ltlre photo

Interesting analysis of Easter dates cross-curricular RE

The opportunity to explore 50 religious treasures, artefacts and manuscripts in depth #freenewresource

A very worthwhile day. Lots to disseminate to our hub leaders on Tuesday. Thank you.