Gill Tewkesbury won the Hockerill / NATRE prize for innovate teaching in RE for 2014 for her work in primary school. She has kindly shared her SOW, the details of which are from the Hockerill website and then the resources are futher down.

This entry follows the life of Jim, an 18 year old student who has just finished his A-levels and is planning to work as a Gap year student for a charity in Africa. Each week Jim sends a letter, e-mail or text to the class telling the children what he is doing as well as asking for help and advice. The children follow Jim on his journey as he learns more about the Christian faith. The materials have also been developed to work alongside a geography topic, namely Africa. The materials draw together the Key Stage 2 “Beliefs in Action in the World”, “Sacred Writings” and the “Inspirational People”, parts of the previous curriculum supported by Devon and Exeter Diocese and is easily transferrable to the new scheme looking at “How do we make moral choices?” (Beliefs in Action) and “How should we live?”. It is currently being used for Year 4 children but can be adapted easily for other year groups

The judges commented that this is a creative, innovative way of opening up and applying Christian belief and teaching. The entry makes excellent use of following fictional 18 year old Jim on his Gap year journey and showed very deep learning from religion. Uganda is chosen because there is an excellent link with a local Barnstaple charity working there. In short this entry ticked all the boxes for the judges including transferability to other schools and adaptability to other religions.

Outline of Jim’s Journey

Lesson 1 Jim

Journey to religious understanding

Lesson 2 Jim AFL questions

Lesson 2 Jim

Lesson 3 Jim

Lesson 4 Jim

Lesson 4 part 2 Jim The choice consequence flow chart

Lesson 4 part 2 Jim

Lesson 5 Jim Money quotes

Lesson 5 Jim

Lesson 5 reply

Lesson 6 Jim