David Hampshire has drafted a document to illustrate how Easter might be taught in a way that supports progression
Easter Y1-9 Objectives

Teaching Judaism: Some Common Misconceptions by David Hampshire

Judaism: the Essentials by David Hampshire

Secondary RE updates

GCSE and A Level Examination Reform 2015 update

Draft specifications for GCSE and A level RS were submitted to Ofqual for accreditation in the first week of August 2015. The link below, to the NATRE website, shows a summary of the specifications as far as we know at present, with a useful comparison table.


Launch events for new GCSE specifications

WJEC http://shop.wjec.co.uk/index.php?nav=13&stage=3&cID=388&langID=1 18 September 2015 30am – 3:30 pm


EDEXCEL http://qualifications.pearson.com/en/support/training-from-pearson-uk.html?stp1=Pearson-UK:Qualification-Family%2FGCSE&stp2=Pearson-UK:Qualification-Subject%2FReligious-Studies#step1 9 October 2015 10am – 12:30pm


AQA http://www.aqa.org.uk/professional-development/course-details?meta_E=SRSTGCSEReligiousStudiesNewSpecificationLaunch 15 October 2015




OCR https://www.cpdhub.ocr.org.uk/DesktopDefault.aspx?e=fjefcbdbhgnidcpindncdphpabihkmpcehicklnfcaabkokgbb


22 January 2016



ICT in the RE Classroom: An Introduction by Ian Hartley

Secondary RE teachers conference

Tiverton Hotel, Wed 18th November 2015

  • GCSE and A Level: what do the new specifications have to offer? Fundamental British Values, Radicalisation, SMSC and Ofsted: what do RE teachers need to know?
  • Faith and Belief Visitors: how can we access more authentic beliefs in the classroom? What does successful RE look like?
  • RE: Teaching, Learning and Assessment National updates, courses, websites, resources and support

Bookings: http://www.babcock-education.co.uk/ldp/courses/bookings/