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  • Area 2 LTLRE conference 2021

    Here are the resources shared at the Area 2 LTLRE conference 2021 Workshop Disagreeing well in RS 1 This is my truth , now tell (1) Muhammad cartoons Lenses and Positionality LTLRE 2021 Getting children talking in RE Arguing Versus Dialogue Handouts PM Time to Wonder 2021 Dr Richard Kueh RE Ofsted advice on RE […]

  • List of faith and belief visits/visitors for Devon schools

    This document gives a list of RE visits and visitors, including virtual visits via the internet. Faith_and_belief_visitors_schools_weblist2020 Useful guidance on visits and visitors: https://www.natre.org.uk/uploads/Guidance%20on%20Resources/7)%20Visits%20and%20visitors/(8.2)%20Checklist.pdf Getting the most out of visits to places of worship- KS1 & KS2  

  • Ofsted and RE

    Ofsted research review into RE (2021) Here are some key questions raised by the report for schools to consider Ofsted report 2021- key questions Preparing for a Deep Dive- Ofsted toolkits These documents aim to support schools in preparation for an Ofsted inspection into their RE. LTLRE Inspection toolkit Primary LTLRE RE Ofsted secondary toolkit

  • Syllabus plans for mixed age classes

    These mixed age planning grids relate to the Devon, Torbay, and Plymouth RE syllabus. They are also applicable for schools in Cornwall, but please note that they don’t include reference to the unique additional units written for Cornish schools. They are not an exhaustive list of how you can arrange your curriculum, just some examples […]

  • Knowledge Organisers

    Guidance on Knowledge Organisers What are Knowledge Organisers? In the context of the most recent thinking on knowledge-rich, sequential curriculum design, it is important that teachers are clear about what knowledge they are teaching in any given curriculum area. A knowledge organiser (KO) is a document (preferably on a single A4 page) that sets out […]

  • LTLRE hub leader training materials Summer 2020

    RE / Sex and Relationships materials RE and RSHE-overview of possible links Staff Training Unconscious Bias and relationships education Ofsted toolkits LTLRE RE Ofsted secondary toolkit LTLRE Inspection toolkit Primary Lockdown lesson materials Ask pupils to look at how religious people are practising their religions differently during the C19 pandemic. What does this tell us […]

  • Interfaith Peace Prayer Book

    This Interfaith Peace Prayer Book has been compiled with contributions from members of Devon Faith and Belief Forum http://devonfaiths.org.uk It can be used in schools for Collective Worship/Assemblies or in RE lessons Interfaith Peace Prayer Book 2020

  • Online learning resources

    Online learning resources: a resource sheet full of free RE sites  

  • LTLRE conference Area 1 Oct 2019

    LTLRE Area 1 Conference St Mellion: October 2019 Presentations and resources: Corrine: Ofsted and the broad balanced curriculum Jezz, Kate and Vicky: Through the Looking Glass Gill Tewkesbury Organising a multi-faith RE day Katy Staples Don’t Fence Me In The new ofsted framework through a primary RE lens_October 2019 Corrine Guntrip Ruth Flanagan RE updates2019 Keynote […]

  • Holocaust Memorial Day

    Holocaust Memorial Day resources Artefacts_documenting_Nazi_Holocaust Human specimen laboratory concentration camp letter Jews-of-the-West-Country HMD programme Exeter Jan 2020 Standing Together brochure Winchester

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Great LTLRE hub leader training looking at bias and the importance of referring to context @KatieKates_84 shared this little gem https://t.co/97QtZnje6u ltlre photo

Interesting analysis of Easter dates cross-curricular RE https://t.co/rYlLahXx1C

The opportunity to explore 50 religious treasures, artefacts and manuscripts in depth #freenewresource https://t.co/SWBCC0htwU

A very worthwhile day. Lots to disseminate to our hub leaders on Tuesday. Thank you. https://t.co/8FPuYx2Dkd