Guidance on Knowledge Organisers

What are Knowledge Organisers?

In the context of the most recent thinking on knowledge-rich, sequential curriculum design, it is important that teachers are clear about what knowledge they are teaching in any given curriculum area.

A knowledge organiser (KO) is a document (preferably on a single A4 page) that sets out the ‘powerful knowledge’ for a given topic of study (‘powerful knowledge’ is a term frequently used by Professor Michael Young). A KO is a tool that provides pupils with a clear summary of the knowledge that is being covered and helps them to understand how this knowledge connects to other topics they are studying.

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KOs are not compulsory and can be time-consuming to develop. You can plan and teach great RE without them, so don’t assume that they are essential. However, if your school is asking you to develop them, then these notes and examples may be useful!

Planning KOs

For more detail on how to plan KOs, please see the useful guidance documents here:

Lincoln Diocese KOs

Knowledge Organizers

Examples of Knowledge Organisers


Y1 Knowledge Organiser y1 Creation 

Y1 Yr1 Judaism Knowledge Organiser (1)

Y3   Knowledge Organiser y3 Gospel

Y3  How is Following God like a Christian Wedding

Y3 Y3 Gospel KO

Y3 Y3 What does it mean to be a Sikh

Y3 Y3 Incarnation What is the Trinity KO year 3

Y3 LKS2 Islam Organiser

Y3 KS2 KO What is the trinity_

Y3 KS2 Christianity Organiser

Y4 Knowledge Organiser y4 Kingdom of God

Y5 Knowledge Organiser y5 Gospel

Y5  What is it like to be a Muslim living in Britain today

Y5  Why is the Torah important to Jewish people

Y5 UKS2 Why do some people believe in God

Y5 UKS2 Islam Organiser

RE knowledge mats


Y7 Hinduism – Knowledge Organiser

Y7 Autumn KOs

KS3 Buddhism     KS3 Christianity

Bodmin College RE Learning Journey snake – COMPLETED

A level Independent-Study-Guide

The RE Booklet Making page on Facebook has some really useful Booklets for KS3 in the files section. Some include good knowledge organiser pages.

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